Strictly Bidness 

School Of Rap is a GREAT WAY to introduce yourself to the Strictly Bidness Management team.  We offer a small platform for artist to develop their performance skills while helping them get exposure with promotion throughout our network.  

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School Of Rap Basic Rules

Show Up On Time 

Make Sure To Email Your Music in MP3 or WAV Form to [email protected]

Give The Same Respect You Want As A Performing Artist To The Other Artist

Leave The Drama At Home



CT Indie Fests Perforance 

An Example of How Local Artist Can Come Together For A Common Goal

#NewBritain #Connecticut 

School Of Rap 

Not Your Average Showcase 

Strictly Bidness incorporates Digital Promotion with the performance opportunities as well as a simple way for artist to communicate with Strictly Bidness Management Via Phone, Email OR Social Media.  The goal is to help the artist promote their up coming performance to their fans and potential fans by providing simple promotional services with performance slots. 

School Of Rap 

Knowledge is Power 

Strictly Bidness works very hard to promote educational content to help artist retain ownership of their music and brands.  We share links to help connect artist with the right services OR people depending on their situation.  This is HUGE for artist looking for some guidance without having to lock themselves into business relationships they may not be ready for.  This is how we give back to the hip hop community in CT.

Strictly Bidness

Support Indie Talent 

With each slot we offer artist the opportunity to bring up to 5 people with them as well as an option to sell tickets for a % of ticket sales.  This is a easy way for artist to experience what it is like to promote their music for a up coming performance.  We educate the artist so they understand the value of selling tickets as part of being a indie artist.  

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