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About School Of Rap

School of Rap is Our Level 1 Showcase circuit that evolved from CT Indie Fest  which was held on September 1st 2017.  

School of Rap focuses on educating talent on how to become serious entertainers in the music industry from local to national.    

It is perfect for artist interested in taking their career to the next level or artist who feel they are stuck in a cycle that is getting them no where.

When we first started hosting these showcases we had no connections outside of Connecticut and could only offer performance opportunities.  Our shows were highly dependent on the participation of the artist who were involved in those shows.

As we enter 2019 we now offer out of state opportunities and development programs for artist who qualify.  We also have a large network of entertainment professionals that range from graphic designers to photographers to promotional models to A&R's and the list goes on.  

We are happy to announce that we have contacts with label reps and have designed school of rap to help artist learn everything they need to do before going on a industry run.

Finally - The Strictly Bidness Network reaches an average of 3 million to 6 million people in a 28 day period which means we are no longer dependent on the artist participation and can do more to help artist reach new listeners by working with Strictly Bidness.  

How Artist Can Benefit From School Of Rap

We offer digital promotion and consulting along with all performance opportunities.  This includes direction on producing content for Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

We promote the artist content throughout our network and  take on the burden of building a buzz for the artist while giving suggestions to help amplify the reach of our promotion.  We understand how frustrating it is as a artist to get support which is something we offer every artist who participates in School of Rap.

School of Rap is perfect for artist who are just starting off, we do not judge and we encourage all of the artist to support each other allowing everyone to feel comfortable at each event.

We discuss important topics like publishing, marketing and other matters important to artist who want to make performing their career.  

Strictly Bidness Artist Development Program

We use School of Rap to develop artist which starts when the artist reach out to us about participating in a up coming event.  Our goal is to work with the artist so their name brings enough recognition that people will come to see them perform with little effort on our part.

This does not happen over night and is a process that can be developed over a three to four month period as long as the artist is willing to do the work needed.

School of Rap is a great way to figure out where you are when it comes to your following/fan base.  By knowing where you are we can help you get to the next level.

Can Artist Make Money With School of Rap 


We now offer a way for artist to sell physical and digital tickets for a % of the ticket price.  

We also offer exclusive packages which include deals offered from the artist directly - Like a meet and greet OR autographed picture/CD etc.

Vendor tables available for merchandise with promotion.

School of Rap is a one stop shop for artist interested in brushing up their skills.




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