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Strictly Bidness 

Management for Artist 


WHAT DO MUSIC MANAGERS DO? (Reference Music Management 101 on Youtube)  

When Does A Music Artist Need Management?  (Reference Smart Rapper on Youtube) 

Strictly Bidness Management Breakdown, Fee's, Promotion, Consulting and Performances

Strictly Bidness Terms of Management Agreement


What Do Music Managers Do?

This Video Describes The Different Kinds of Management Relationships.  Artist Management, Business Manager, Road  Manager, and Personal Manager/Assistant.  #StrictlyBidness

When Does A Music Artist Need A Manager?

This is very important, make sure you understand a lot of artist are not ready for management because they need  development.  Development takes time and money.  

Management Fee's

Management fee's depend on the work that needs to go into you as a artist, the minimum, we expect artist to cover their own expenses which includes admission to venues, travel and booking fee's - especially if you participate in showcases or open mics.  


Strictly Bidness does not include promotion with management services, we incorporate artist in promotion for the entire brand but do not provide individual promotion as part of the management agreement.  


We offer business consulting as well as personal consulting to all of our artist as a way to develop our artist to be better equipped for the music business.  This is a simple way to help artist stay on track.  

First step of a management relationship is creating a business plan.  


Strictly Bidness incorporates the artist we work with in monthly showcases designed to develop them as performing artist as well as teach them how to promote/package themselves as professional entertainers.  This is part of the management relationship.

Strictly Bidness Terms

Concerning Management

Before filling out the form, we want you to understand we have a lot of experience working with artist and have learned from those experiences.   We are going to outline specific points that artist should understand before reaching out to us for management services.

1.  Communication - We do not communicate via social media apps.  Text/phone and email communication must be answered in a timely manner.  Failure to properly communicate will result in a weak business relationship.

2.  Privacy - All business communication and information should remain private especially when it comes to strategy and planning.  For more information - please click here.

3.  Artist Development - Artist we feel need artist development must participate in the process if they expect us to do our job.  This may include restriction on social media activity as well as limited opportunities based on quality of performance/song selection and / or over all performance.  Artist who refuse to participate in development process will not be eligible for management services.

4.  Artist with little or no budget will be given opportunities to generate revenue, this is critical for artist who want to travel.  Artist with NO budget will get pre-management service until we get them to the point where they have a budget to work with.

5.  We want all artist to understand our goal is to help you with your career, make sure you are ready to stick with the program and show up for the small stuff.... not just the show.  

Management Form

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Management agreements do not mean we own the rights to your music,  we ask all artist make sure they own the rights to their music and are members of either BMI or ASCAP.

By filling out this form you are saying you understand the information provided on this website, the message section allows you to ask any questions you may have.

Please include your contact number with the form so we can get back to you in a timely manner.  Thank you!