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Dutch Schultz 

Business Resume 

Dutch Schultz is a rapper who works with rappers throughout the country, helping them either start their career in the music business OR take their career to the next level.  Dutch started working with rappers but has also worked with up and coming photographers, singers, producers, studio engineers, managers, management companies as well as small businesses as part of his mission.  

Early on, Dutch used social media platforms to find artist to work with, while promoting his music and building his following for up coming projects and performances.  This is when Dutch realized a lot of opportunities available were not as beneficial to artist as they seemed.  Dutch made  decision in 2016 to change the game and started working on CT Indie Fest which was held in New Britain, Connecticut September 1st, 2017.  


Dutch Schultz Explains How He Came Up With The Concept for CT Indie Fest

The night generated over $2,000 in revenue for Grand Pizza, a struggling restaurant in the heart of New Britain.  This proved that there was value in the local hip hop scene if the artist and entertainment professionals worked together.  

Showcasing Local Talent 

When scouting talent for his showcase Dutch Schultz looks for a few different factors, the main one being, their desire to participate in the culture of hip hop which is reflected in his diverse roster of artist that he personally has worked with or mentored over the years.

Before The Showcases - Dutch Learned A Lot Managing and Sponsoring Rappers in New Britain, Connecticut Between 2014 - 2016.

Dutch Schultz started taking his career serious when he was 32, a lot of younger rappers would look up to him for guidance and support, to the point where Dutch was not only mentoring/managing artist but he was also sponsoring their projects.  Notably, he sponsored the Lyrikal Krack Mixtape  and two Music videos which he sponsored or shot, edited himself.  He also learned a lot about the difficulties working with artist which would play a key role in how he works with artist now.  

Projects Sponsored By Dutch Schultz

King Era - Oh Damn (Feat. Murda Blanco)

This was during a era when CT artist were not producing music videos with much of a story line and editing wasn't as advanced as it is today.  Shot around Prospect St and Arch St in New Britain Connecticut, #OhDamn as a collaboration on many fronts.  The beat, recording, lyrics and video work all came together to make this happen.  


This music video highlighted a difficult reality Dutch Schultz had to face, even though he was the one who sponsored, organized and coordinated the execution of producing this music video, he got little credit.  This is a large reason why Dutch began recording music and managing himself.  

Dutch Schultz Early Work

Establishing Himself As A Credible Hip Hop Artist

Who Experienced What The Scene Had To Offer At The Time

Beastmode - Debut Music Video

Working on the underground level from a state that had no real scene was difficult in the beginning.  A lot of problems would come up that had nothing to do with music or business which made it difficult for Dutch to make any credible moves but it did help him gain experience navigating the scene.  

Kid Ink - Be Real (Explicit) ft. DeJ Loaf (Dutch Schultz Remix)

For Dutch, navigating the scene meant he had to create something out of nothing, feeling excluded from a lot of the bigger hip hop events and movements Dutch had to figure out a way to get heard and seen without taking away from the people he worked with and that is how Strictly Bidness came into existence.  

Dutch Schultz Mission For At Risk Artist 

Dutch Schultz recognized that a lot of artist would use Hip Hop and Rap music to continue the negativity we often see in urban communities.  A lot of people use the wrong way to make things right, and Dutch wanted to empower the youth and at risk artist to show them they could make it happen in the entertainment business without contributing to the crime rate.  With talent, a business plan and hardcore work ethic, you can be whatever you want to be in this life, and Dutch has dedicated himself to helping the artist who choose to reach out to him to make it on their own terms with his guidance and support.

"I don't have grant money or sponsors, I do this all based off hard work and talent, my network is based on the support I give the artist I work with and in many cases we are only working with a couple dollars and my ability to bring things together." - Dutch Schultz 

CT Indie Fest Transition To School Of Rap

During his time putting together showcases, Dutch did two big events called CT Indie Fest which were supposed to highlight the diverse talent in Connecticut.  As CT Indie fest part 2 came to a close, Dutch realized the showcases were turning into the same old same and he felt he needed to do more to help artist promote themselves in a more structured way to bring more of a audience to these shows.  This is how school of rap came into existence and continues to be how Dutch reaches new artist.

Providing Artist Services While Hosting Showcases

and Open Mics in Connecticut

Dutch Schultz never intended to host showcases forever.  He noticed that a lot of artist who participated in his shows would start their own showcase circuits or do private events using the tactics they learned working with Strictly Bidness.  It was then he realized the hidden value of his showcases specifically based on his participation.  His ability to motivate artist to do better and educate them on the basic principals of marketing showed that he had the ability to get artist heard and seen by the general public.  This let Dutch focus on artist who caught his attention, allowing him to develop his management skills with the artist who asked him to help them.  

Late 2017, early 2018 Dutch had a roster of artist who headlined Strictly Bidness showcases throughout the state.  They hosted events in New Haven, Waterbury, Meriden, New Britain, Hartford, and Bridgeport Connecticut.  Dutch Schultz was helping these artist build their buzzes while at the same time establishing his reputation throughout the region.  Besides hosting his own events, Dutch would also book artist to perform at other showcases in Connecticut to help his artist learn how to work with promoters or venues that are not as artist oriented as he is.  The thinking was, if you allow artist to experience less organized events they will appreciate the effort Strictly Bidness makes to provide a place for artist to grow and work.

Dutch Schultz would take the steps to help his artist find credible recording situations that were professional, affordable and focused on quality over everything.  He also helped these artist find affordable photographers, videographers, graphic designers and more.  In some cases Dutch would help his artist navigate personal situations and help get his artist employment.  

Dutch Schultz provides artist with promotional services, management services, booking services and professional consulting to help them figure out one time situations.  He also offers artist development services which includes one on one rehearsals, writing workshops and help with developing their image associated with their entertainment persona.

In 2019 Dutch Schultz started working with Concert Crave, a artist development concert company based out of New Jersey, as a independent contractor.  Scouting and recruiting talent for their showcases.  He also helps manage the big shows which feature major headliners.

The Concert Crave Experience was a good learning experience for Dutch who realized he had the set skills to create a solid artist development program for artist in many markets.

Besides working with Concert Crave, Dutch also worked with, The Showcase Tour, Coast 2 Coast , and many indie promoters looking for talent to work with.

Dutch Schultz Experience Managing Local Artist

Gave Him The Opportunity To Help Them Get On The Big Stages

LIL MOSEY & LIL TJAY Take Over Hartford, CT 3.31.19

Working with Concert Crave Dutch was able to use his leadership skills to help with customer service, promotion and manage the opening acts to help the event go as smooth as possible.  He took the time to watch the headliners and see the difference between how they worked events compared to local acts which Dutch used to help develop the artist he worked with.  He also had a chance to meet a lot of fans from Connecticut, which was something he did not expect from these experiences.  

Lil Tjay LIVE! Hartford Webster Concert Crave

At the bigger events Dutch stands by the stage and typically helps keep the area where the artist go on to the stage clear.  Dispensing water and making sure the venue staff is in place to help secure the area around the the stage.  Working with Concert Crave, the venue, the headliner staff to help keep things moving as smooth as possible while ensuring the safety of the fans.  

Showcases and Networking Events

Dutch Schultz has invested a lot of time and energy in the local scene and has proven his ability to connect people with the resources they need.  He is focused on developing the scene while providing entertainment professionals a easy way to connect based on real work.  #StrictlyBidness