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Dutch Schultz

Connecticut Rapper

Dutch Schulz is a Rapper and founder of #StrictlyBidness, a movement based out of Connecticut that helps develop the hip hop underground by working with artist who have little or no experience in the music business.  

Click here to learn more about the "bidness" side of Dutch Schultz


Dutch Schultz has been rapping since the 90's and has been labeled a "Old School" rapper based on his influences and sound,  although projects like - Why you at your shoota  and GTA Moves  show Dutch can keep up with latest trends while sticking to his hip hop roots.

His first mixtape project #NoPunIntended  was his first time in the booth in over 10 years, something Dutch speaks about on a regular basis. 

"I made poor choices early in my life and that took me away from recording music"

 - Dutch Schultz

After working in Connecticut for a few months creatively, Dutch started to lose focus on who he was as a artist and decided to take ownership of his craft by dropping his second mixtape #SincerelyJustARapper 

This project is a nod to early 90's rap and something Dutch is proud for NOT having any "Club Hits" and allowing him to own the title of being "Just a rapper" 

"I take pride in being a rapper so when people say I'm Just A Rapper, I'm good with it."

- Dutch Schultz 

Another project Dutch worked on  that surprised many of his critics was his single, "Never Know What You Got Till It's Gone"  where Dutch got a chance to flex his writing skills with a guest vocalist from New Britain, Connecticut.

Besides his music which can be found on #Soundcloud 

Dutch Schultz has a playlist on #Spotify 

and can be found on ReverbNation  which has a rare freestyle track called

"Mount You On The Cross" 

Dutch Schultz most recent work, Back At It - Beat by legendary producer E. Smitty

For Booking Information Email

[email protected] 



Dutch Schultz Collabs With CT Artist 

Day Ones

Dutch Schultz - Rapper - Mentor - Hip Hop Warrior

They Forgot About Us 

Dutch Schultz - Rapper - Mentor - Hip Hop Warrior



Early on, Dutch was exposed to multiple mediums of art, and soon

found himself in love with poetry, and writing. Shortly after, he

discovered a passion for music. Skipping a few years after

discovering hip hop, Dutch found himself creating rhymes, and

would later participate in battle rap, freestyle cyphers, etc.

During the Great 90’s, Dutch spent a majority of his time in the

Bronx and uptown Manhattan, fine tuning his craft.

Being influenced mostly by artists such as Tupac, Big Pun, Fat Joe,

Capone N Noreaga, Mr. Cheeks of Lost Boys, Mobb Deep, Nas,

Cam’ron, Busta Rhymes, The Lox, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and DMX, he

developed a sound that resembles the vibes given off by them. 

Dutch Schultz Performances


Sep, 01 CT Indie Fest 1 - New Britain

Sep, 09 Strictly Bidness Showcase

Sep, 16 Strictly Bidness Showcase

2Sep, 23 Strictly Bidness ShowCase

Sep, 29 Strictly Bidness Showcase

Oct, 14 Spanish show

Oct, 21 CT Indie Fest 2 - Hartford

Nov, 04 Show and Prove

Dec, 17 Farewell CT show - Hartford


Jan, 20 Show at American Legion - Hartford

Jan, 26 T-Jays Bar and Grill show - Waterbury

Feb, 03 Show and Prove 2 - Waterbury

Feb, 03 Peroles, 93 Campbell ave - West Haven

Feb, 10 Show in West Haven - Cypher auditions/ showcase - West Haven

April 7, 2018 School Of Rap 1  - Waterbury

July 21 - Strictly Bidness showcase Berlin CT 

July 28th, Vans Warp Tour - Jones Beach - New York 

Sep, 01 Tupac Memorial Garden - Atlanta, GA

Sep, 02 Private Mansion Party - Atlanta, GA

Sep, 09 Strictly Bidness Competition

Oct, 13 School Of Rap vol. 3

Oct, 21 Nuyorican Cafe - New York, NY

Oct, 21 Kraine Theater - New York, NY

Oct, 21 City vs City competition - Virginia Beach, VA

*Featured performances*

Opened for Joe Budden - 2015

Opened for Tekashi - 2018

Opened for DMX - 2019

Dutch Schultz Music Videos

Why You @ Your Shoota Music Video

Dutch Schultz Music Video 

Shot in Meriden, Connecticut 

Dutch Schultz Nas is Like Remix 

Shot in Meridn, Connecticut 

Dutch Schultz Features and Cyphers 

The Most Felt - See Everything I've Seen Ft. Dutch Shultz & Victa Spot 

Dutch Schultz Feature 

Meriden Ct Cypher 2.0 2017

Dutch Schultz Participation in the Meriden Cypher series

Dutch Schultz 

Meriden Ct Cypher 5.0 2017

Dutch Schultz Participation in the Meriden Cypher series

Bullpen Cyphers Vol. 4 ft. Oun P

Dutch Schultz Rapping in the Bronx